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{ a few cute things }

Top 3 apps to help teach your kids about money. (Jenn's Blah Blah Blog)

Have you started thinking about your holiday cards yet? TinyPrints' new collection is filled with pretty & GLITTER. (My Mom Shops)

If, like us, your favorite thing about Fall is PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, check out these 23 delish pumpkin recipes! (Crazy About Mah Baybah)

Six things you didn't know contained toxic fumes. Scary... (via SheKnows, by Maria Melee)

Hey moms, is it time to stop bragging about how little sleep we're getting? (The Happiest Home)

This gorgeous cocktail dress will have you SO ready for Fall fashion. (Saucy Glossie)

Decorating trend for kids' rooms: YELLOW! Bright & oh-so fun. (Handmade Charlotte)

Surprise! Company's coming. What do to? Make these quick & easy apps. (Nugglemama)

Would you believe that that gorgeous silver damask is NOT wallpaper, but a DIY project you can do? Check out the Before & After! (Domestic Superhero)

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  • Thanks for sharing my Dining Room Makeover!!! ~Allyson@ Domestic Superhero


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