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8 Unique Birth Announcements: What's Your Style?

As I pass the 3rd trimester mark, I realize I've done very little to prepare for the arrival of this baby. As we head into the home stretch, I've started to give some thought to all of the things that need to be done before and after she arrives. One of the things we plan to do is send a birth announcement to family and friends, though who knows when we'll get around to it! It's nice to plan ahead for these things in theory; who knows what'll happen in practice. A good friend who just had a baby was on the hunt for an adorable birth announcement for her little boy, and it got me thinking about what we'd do. Here are a few cute ideas I've come across:

1. Classic:

Source: Staccato Stationery

Source: Paper Culture

2. Quirky:

Source: Shutterfly

Source: Peartree Greetings

3. Retro:

Source: TinyPrints

4. Whimsical:

Source: Paper Source

5. "Hello, my name is...":

Source: Etsy

6. Colorful:

Source: TinyPrints

7. Ornament (if you celebrate Christmas & you're having a December baby):

Source: Parents Magazine

8. Elegant:

Source: Paper Culture

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