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{ a few cute things }

1. Are you terrified of parenting books? Try these two non-threatening ones. (The Wise Baby)

2. How cute is this little fox onesie? (Feather4Arrow)

3. I originally saw these at The 818, and after seeing the full slide show at Babble, I'm obsessed. If you love your pet like a child, why not get a cute pop portrait of him made? (Art By Manda)

4. Since becoming pregnant, my lactose intolerance seems to have disappeared. My diet now mostly contains things on cheese, in cheese, made of cheese. Why am I not eating more cheesecake? (Savvy Sassy Moms)

5. I could sit here forever. (Daily Dream Decor)

6. A great list of essentials for when traveling with the kiddo. (Mommy B Knows Best)

7. To adopt a second family dog or not... (AlphaMom)

8. Mexican salad recipe + the 10 best summer salads for healthy living. (Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

9. Lastly, great advice for moms, business owners and the like: get to know your fears. (

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  • Thanks for including @savvysassymoms!

    Andrea Fellman

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