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{ a few cute things }

Good morning! Hope your week is off to a kicking start. Catch up on fun & inspirational posts from some of our favorite sites and bloggers to get your day going.

1. Loving these gold polka dot wall decals... (A Thoughtful Place)

2. One of our fave bloggers - and a gal who had amazing style throughout her entire pregnancy - welcomed this little one into the world! (9 to 5 Chic)

3. This sweater is perfect for Fall, just a hint of sparkle. (Penny Pincher Fashion)

4. A maternity style board centered around this red Converse? We like. (Pret-a-Pregnant)

5. Summer's not over yet! Try these 10 kid-friendly activities before the school year starts again. (Little Trendsetter)

6. The amazing beauty benefits of rosewater. (The Luxury Spot)

7. Are you a mom AND in grad school? You've probably encountered these challenges. (Rants from Mommyland)

8. Throughout my pregnancy, I've been OBSESSED with peanut butter and jelly in all its forms. Why not PBJ scones? (Erica's Sweet Tooth)

9. A super-helpful checklist for baby registry must-haves from a mama who's been there. (Green Wedding Shoes)

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