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Maternity Photoshoot Ideas


Image: sugaranddots

We love babies around here. We make clothes for their adorable little bodies and we seriously can't get enough. But what about BEFORE baby comes? Maternity photoshoots are the hot trend these days, as mamas-to-be want to capture a precious moment in time before their little bundles arrive. We've rounded up a few of our favorite shoots from around the web to inspire your maternity shoot, should you be looking for such a thing :)

Berry Pie and Maternity Love from Grey Likes Baby

Belly from Jean Smith Photography

Bellies + Babies from Petula Pea

It's a Boy! from Whitney Lewis Photography

Pregnant Me from GiovannaLou

Christine and Rob's Maternity Session from Linda Morrow Photography

Baby #5 from Stine Pedersen Photography

Our Maternity Photoshoot from sugaranddots (pictured above)

Maternity Photoshoot from Spearmint Baby

image: Spearmint Baby

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