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{ a few cute things }


image via oh! afternoon snacks

Cupcake fondue: so simple, so impressive, SO CUTE. (via oh! afternoon snacks)

2Wired2Tired asks the question: do you finish every book you start? Wish we could say we did... (via 2Wired2Tired)

This DIY candy bird's nests are adorable for Easter, or, you know, Monday. (via Babiekins)

Most 9 year old's are playing ball & video games. But one Kenyan boy's invention has changed the way people in Kenya protect their livestock & livelihoods. Now he's a TED speaker on his way to great things. (via National Geographic)

Cute idea alert! Match your shower to your nursery. This is a great idea, especially if your shower is at your home. (via Project Nursery)

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