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a valentine's day party fit for a princess







Dressed in their tutus & cuteheads tees, a group of adorably tiny princesses joined us for a day of crafts, valentine-making, and, of course, cupcakes and milk. We're celebrating Valentine's Day today by sharing some of the fantastic images from that day. If you aren't already in a fabulous mood today, surely these cute faces will pick you up. 

One of the joys of designing kidswear is often being surrounded by that pure, unedited enthusiasm for even the simplest things. Of course, there's always a meltdown (or three), but no matter. When you see the excitement on your little customers' faces, it makes you smile. In this case, the excitement abounded for Smitten Sugar cupcakes, heart-shaped balloons, and lions, lambs, and doggies.

Our photography sponsor for the day, Paperhearts Photography, has a real knack for shooting children & capturing those special moments that you want to hold onto forever. 

Have a very happy Valentine's Day, with lots of hugs, cuteness, and love. 


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  • Super cute!! love this!


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