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are you ready to rodeo?


1 :: handmade cowgirl bows, Waymbee Bows on etsy

2 :: toddler cowgirl straw hat,

3 :: baa tee, cuteheads

4 :: flutter dress in tangerine, cuteheads

5 :: little legs in aqua, cuteheads

6 :: kicky boots pet purse,

7 :: animal print leggings, old navy

8 :: cassidy faux leather boot in brown, nordstrom

9 :: minnetonka lace-up walker, nordstrom

In Texas, rodeo is kind of like Mardi Gras. Houston hosts the largest rodeo in the world, complete with livestock show, carnival, one of the largest barbecue cook-offs you'll find anywhere, and some pretty amazing concerts (think anyone from George Strait to Bruno Mars). Your kiddo will be one well-dressed cowgirl on Go Texan Day and beyond with these rodeo looks. They've got the essence of cowgirl without going too over the top. This year, leave the rhinestones at home and opt for a more subtle look. These outfits are cute, comfortable, and would make any little fashionista happy.

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