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8 vintage-inspired art print ideas for your nursery


1 :: Best Friends Hippo,

2 :: Follow the Yellow Brick Road,

3 :: Customizable Dream Big,

4/5 :: Mix-and-match art prints, Sugarboo Designs

6 :: Assorted animals, The Animal Print Shop, by Sharon Montrose

7 :: Circus nursery art print, justbunch etsy shop

8 :: Love me wolf, atpalicis etsy shop

Tired of the same old "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster? Get inspired with these unique and original pieces to hang in your nursery or kid's room. Your kiddo will have the coolest, cutest room on the playground.

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  • Love these! There are also two awesome vintagea prints I love at Land of Nod for The Princess & the Pea & Mary Poppins :)


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