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{ a few cute things }


We're 2 weeks in to 2013... how are those NY resolutions holding up? If we had resolved to eat more and spend more time on the couch, we'd be CRUSHING IT right now. Here are your weekly cute links:

Make your dinner table the best seats in the house with this roundup of the best kid-friendly recipes of 2012. (via LilSugar)
Love a gorgeous nursery? Go behind the scenes with an expert designer to find out how she mixes and matches fabrics and patterns for baby. (via Project Nursery)
The best kids beds for small spaces. (via Apartment Therapy)
10 pieces of parenting advice everyone's tired of hearing. (via Babble)
If your new year's resolution is toe FINALLY get organized, join HauteMommy on her journey to do it too. (via HauteMommy

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