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a few cute things


Welcome to 2013, everyone! Let's kick it off with our first installment of { a few cute things }.

Apps & sites to track your New Year's Resolution progress? Obviously. (via GeekSugar)

The most viewed nurseries of 2012. Get ready for lots and lots of pretty... (via Project Nursery)

If you're nesting, you need to read this: 10 things that will make you happier at home. (via Apartment Therapy)

It should come as no surprise to you that a major trend in kidswear is bold prints. (via little lovely)

This incredible wall of kid's books makes reading look fun. (via The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood)

Help you & your cuteheads eat right with this super-easy pasta salad that your little ones can even help make. (via Sweetest Kitchen)

A wonderful lesson for 2013: nice things are made to be used, so eat pizza on bone china this year. (via outsidevoice)

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