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a cuteheads Q&A with designer David Peck

You may recall a trip (or two) to the David Peck Collection studio & factory, here in Houston, TX. David is a friend, and he's certainly paving the way for designers to get back into the business of making things not just in the US, but right in their own cities. Much of his clothing line is made from fabrics he himself designs and manufactures, something very few designers can say, and the cuts flatter just about everyone. 


handbag designer Mary Nichols Patton, David Peck, cuteheads founder Esther Freedman

We were super excited to work with the DP team on their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, during which we offered a cuteheads lovie blanket as gift with purchase when you ordered the beautiful Mae jersey dress. 


As a companion to that, we chatted with David and Annina of Cinched at the Waist about what cuteheads is & what our design philosophies are. Head over to their blog and read more!

CrOp's 5th Day of Christmas with Cuteheads

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