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top 11 fashion blogs... for kids


They're changing the face of blogging, but the faces aren't ones you might normally see featured on a fashion blog. No, these blogs focus on kid style, a growing segment of the blogging community that is being led by these lovers of fashion. Just as moms want to be stylish, they're getting their kids into the game too, creating and featuring looks that a grownup would envy. Here are our favorite voices from the kidswear space:

1. | @theminihipster

Minihipsters features and celebrates kid fashion around the world. They aim to inspire you to let your kiddo express him or herself through fashion by featuring street style in the manner of The Sartorialist.

2. Little Scandinavian | @ScandinavianMum

Little Scandinavian is a "gateway to the world of Scandinavian kids fashion and design." This area of the world has become well-known for churning out some of the latest and greatest kids clothing designs, and this adorable blog seeks to shed some light on those pieces and designers. 

3. Pirouette Blog | @PirouetteBlog

Pirouette Blog features not only fashion, but toys, games, furniture, and so much more. You'll get a healthy dose of inspiration from this carefully curated blog. 

4. smudgetikka | @smudgetikka

Written by Linda McLean, Fashion Director at Junior Magazine, this blog is full of insider info on the latest and greatest designers of kid's clothing and kid's style. You'll get a sneak peak at what's really happening in kidswear here. And if you're an Anglophile, you'll be happy to know she's London based. 

5. The Little Style File | @lilstylefile

The Little Style File brings you everything from kidswear to anything else related to family life. The experts behind this site even offer a family styling service to make sure you and your kiddos are picture-perfect for that family portrait.

6. Kid Style Junkie | @kidstylejunkie

Suki, a perpetual lover of shopping, has transferred her love of finding the latest and greatest looks onto her kids' wardrobes. You'll love the look of this blog; it's well manicured, easily surf-able (so not a word!), and chock-full of adorable finds. 

7.  Babystylista | @babystylista

The founder of Babystylista's mission is to showcase "the best deals, unsurpassed quality, and convenience"  when it comes to kidswear. A busy, professional mom herself, she's always on the hunt for great finds and unique pieces for her little ones. She's based in LA, so you know you'll get a unique view of what's up and coming in this space. 

8.  La Petite Magazine | @lapetitemag

Though technically a magazine and not a blog, we couldn't help featuring it here because we love it. See for yourself.

9. TotSnob | @TotSnob

In the grand tradition of BagSnob, TotSnob is for the discerning mom who wants her kid to look fabulous all the time. See adorable looks for celebrity kids here. 

10. Mini Magazine | @theminimagazine

Mini Magazine is another great publication that focuses on all things for cute kids. They have a pretty awesome blog too, so make sure to check out both.

11. TheMiniPost | @TheMiniPost

For "in the know hip mamas & papas." A nicely curated tumblr of great looks for kids. Updated very regularly.

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  • Chuffed to be considered amongst such amazing blogs. Thank you! x

  • Thank you for including us! xxx

    Bianca / Little Scandinavian
  • What a lovely list! Have you also ever heard of :)

  • You are so spot on with the list. Love them all

  • Thank you for including me in your top 11 Kidswear blogs, a well chosen list!


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