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cutehead of the week: beau




Look. Here at cuteheads HQ, we don't play favorites. We work with the cutest of kiddos every day, all of whom are adorable in their own ways. But today, we kind of have an extra special cutehead of the week for two reasons. The first is that he's someone so close to us that he calls my husband "Uncle Doug," even though we're not related. And second, he's our first BOY cutehead of the week! It's not really fair that, just because we don't make boy toddler clothes yet, we should be excluding little men from being featured. Plus, he made his own cuteheads t-shirt with a Barkley sticker! How industrious. So without further ado, meet Beau.

- Name: Beau

- Age:2 1/2

- Favorite cutehead: Lou the Sheep

- A few words to describe your child’s personality: loving, adventurous and happy! (we can vouch for that)

- Likes: Thomas the Train and playing outside

- Dislikes: vegetables (i think potato is a vegetable... ;) )

- Favorite food: chicken nuggets

- Little known fact: Beau likes to make his mommy and daddy drive out of the way after school, so he can see the train tracks and possibly a train!

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