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tanya radoff photograpy + cuteheads collab





Ever since the launch of cuteheads, we've heard the name Tanya Radoff. Over and over, we've been told, "You HAVE to meet her!" Her gorgeous images pop up in our facebook feeds, featuring adorable kiddos of parents we know and love. So it was quite a nice surprise when, at the BYDS Market, Tanya stopped by our booth to say hello and pick up some cuteheads gear. It was an even better surprise when she snapped some pics of her absolutely adorable daughter wearing her new tunic, and sent them out way. We could not even wait a full 24 hours to share them with you. We love how she pairs the tunic with black and white striped tights and silver Keds!

Should you be in the market for new pics, check out Tanya's website to see all of her beautiful, natural-light photography. She has such a unique perspective, and her ability to capture sweet moments is obvious.

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