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{ a few cute things }


Oh yes, that is a baby Pembroke welsh corgi. Feel free to overdose on cuteness.

A good Monday to you, lovelies. BIG WEEK coming at cutehead HQ, and we're jazzed for what's ahead. Tomorrow, we will unveil the Fall/Winter '12 onesie collection! Now, in addition to our adorable, original Tiny Onesie, we will introduce 3 new designs, ready to ship to you in plenty of time for the holidays. Check back here tomorrow to see the newest additions to the cuteheads line of baby gifts, but until then, here are a few cute things to help you get your week started.

1. Superstar Kids Dressed Beyond Their Years - Yahoo! Shine (slideshow)

image via

2. 61 Unique and Incredible Birthday Cakes ... That YOU Can Make -


3. 15 Toy Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Home - Circle of Moms (The image above is a stuffed animal zoo!)

image via Circle of Moms 

4. 15 Special Birthday Themes - Circle of Moms (Who doesn't want a sprinkles party?!?)

4. A blog ALL ABOUT CUTE PUPPIES. You're welcome. - Daily Puppy

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