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cutehead of the week: sari


This adorable blonde is Sari. Sari invited cuteheads to come over for a playdate, and boy, did we play. We colored, we played with dolls, we danced... she is truly a cutehead of many talents! She even made us a batch of spaghetti in her kitchen. On top of it, she's sweet as pie and absolutely precious. The camera loves her! We had a hard time editing down to just a few pics from this shoot. Sari is the ultimate girlie girl, loves bows, pink, ballet, and her little sister Brooke. We had so much fun getting to know her. Meet Sari!

- Child’s name: Sari

- Age: 3 years

- Favorite cutehead: Lou the Sheep

- A few words to describe your child’s personality:inquisitive, silly, sweet (just like Lou!)

- Likes: Playing dress-up, being with family, ice cream (some of our favorite things too)

- Dislikes: witches, vegetables, taking a nap

- Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese

- Little known fact: She was born on her due date (lucky mama!)


The Whole Gang Tunic 

Forget Me Not Dress - Fuchsia & Coral 

Little Legs Leggings - Lavender


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  • That is one cutey head

  • Love it, She looks very cute in all the outfits !

    Cindy Senior

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