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If there's one thing we know, it's that style starts early. Think back to your days as a young lass (or lad!). Did you insist on dressing yourself starting at a young age? Did you have your own, shall we say, unique sense of style? We often see early on that kiddos use clothing as a way to express themselves, and our darling cutehead, Tova, is one of those children. Today, she's rocking a cuteheads Layer Cake skirt in coral over adorable patterned leggings and a pink tee... just the right amount of matching without being "matchy-matchy," a fashion sin these days. If you follow trends, then you know that color blocking is all the rage. From the runways to the streets, color is a hot ticket. Somehow, Tova knows this. We love this little fashionista's look!

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