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Card Barkley goes to Brooklyn + a Few Cute Things


Peaking out of a bag, trying to get a glimpse of the city.

Making friends, everywhere he goes.

Hostess for the weekend, Alex!

This past weekend, we sent our pal Barkley the Dog off on an adventure to the east coast. Needless to say, he had a swell time. Much like Flat Stanley, Card Barkley will be going on lots of fun adventures. Thanks to our host and hostess, Alex & Max, who made Barkley feel at home & made sure there was cold water available whenever needed. 

Get to know Barkley the Dog.

And now, a few cute things you need to see this week!


1. (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat - A slideshow of absolutely delicious treats and snacks kids will love. If you like those mini poptarts on a stick, you'll love the rest. via Babble

2. Is Your Child Modeling Material? - Here at cuteheads, we use both professional & amateur child model, all so, so adorable. Find out of if your child is the Next Big Thing with these helpful tips. via DFWChild


3. Tulle for School - We're obsessed with this adorable hot pink backpack, featured on Life in a Sippy Cup! available at J.Crew.


4. A print of a precious prince - We fell in love with Marc Johns' print on the Babiekins Magazine blog. More cuteness when you click through to the blog post.

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