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fall's here! top 5 apple recipes

Peaches are SO last season. Fall has officially arrived (well, not officially, that happens on September 21), or at least it feels like it has. If you're anything like us, you run straight to the store and pick up as many apples as you can carry. They're so versatile. They're great for both sweet and savory meals, though we're most excited about the former. We found 5 incredible recipes that you can make at home to keep both you and your cuteheads happy as Fall blows into town. 

Image via Sally's Baking Addiction 

1. Have you ever heard of anything sounding better than apple spice cupcakes with cinnamon apply frosting? We haven't. via Sally's Baking Addiction

Image via SprinkleBakes 

2. Our absolute, all-time favorite baking blogger and sassy author SprinkleBakes brings us these Classic Candied Apples. The colored sprinkles adds such a fun touch.

3. Baked blueberry apple pie spiced oatmeal is a great way to get 'em excited for breakfast. It's yummy & filling, but sounds like dessert. Sometimes we have to resort to trickery, and in this case, we'll condone it ;) via Fort Mill SC Living

Image via Juls' Kitchen 

4. Do you like to jar things? Try Juls' Kitchen's apple preserves, both pretty and delish. 

Image via EatGood4Life 

5. There may be nothing better in this world than coffee cake. But how about APPLE AND CARAMEL coffee cake? Yep, better. via Eat Good 4 Life

What's your favorite apple recipe? Share in the comments below.

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