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a few cute things


Our new feature, "a few cute things,"  is one of the most fun to put together. It encourages us here at cuteheads to scour remote corners of the web in search of adorable things that will help you start your day. If you find something adorable that you'd like to share, send it to info {at} cuteheads {dot} com. 

1. Five crafts inspired by Lego - Have you ever seen a Lego cake? This is a can't miss. We apologize for inciting hunger for cake this early in the morning. via StudioDIY

2. Bohemian loft turned into a playroom for kids - And what a playroom it is! You've gotta see this. SO stinkin' cute. via 1KindDesign


3. Fear Factor family reunion - Who doesn't love to get together with the family they never see? This family's rather... interesting take will have you separating the weak from the brave. via DesertNews

4. Pics of animals stealing marshmallows - Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. via Huffington Post

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  • Thanks so much for including me! Also, that dog photo just killed me. Too cute!!!

    Kelly @ Studio DIY

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