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cutehead of the week: catherine



Catherine wanted her outfit to match Funky Monkey's outfit, so naturally, she put him in a cuteheads onesie. 

We are beyond excited to bring you this week's cutehead, our model Catherine. She's donned some cuteheads threads for us in the past, and we've been itching to feature her here. As you can see, Catherine's a girly girl with a silly side. She's a true Southern belle, with gold locks and a 10 gallon hat to prove it. She's got a winning smile and a personality to match. Meet Catherine.

- Name: Catherine

- Age: She turned 3 on September 8! Happy birthday, little lady.

- Favorite cutehead: Barkley!!!  We love dogs.

- A few words to describe your child’s personality: Gentle, Silly, Sweet.

- Likes: Dogs, ballet, Diego and lipstick.

- Dislikes: “spicy” gum 

- Favorite food: Queso (We'll count that as a good. Really, it should be it's own food group.)

- Little known fact: She is obsessed with wolves these days.  She wants a “wolf dog” for our next dog.  She started Ballet on Tuesday and is totally hooked!  

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