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cuteheads' week with cadillac


This thing is BLUE.


There was fear of launching myself into space. Alas, I remained grounded.


My brother Craig looked good in the driver's seat.


Chief Cuteness Officer Winner would not exit the vehicle, ever.


One of the many tunes I enjoyed.

We were lucky enough to participate in a super cute promotion for Houston Cadillac, during which we spent the week scooting around town in a bright blue CTS V Coupe. For one week, we had possession of what was known around cuteheads HQ as "The Cutemobile." Now, let me tell you something. When we chose which model we wanted to drive, we had NO IDEA that this piece of finely crafted metal was equipped with what one of our friends described as a "Ferrari engine" & has roughly 540 horse power. Not that we're complaining, that was pretty great. But we just chose it because it was cute, you know?

I digress. At one point, I thought the Cadillac CTS V was going to sprout wings and take flight like Pegasus in the 1981 claymation masterpiece, "Clash of the Titans." And it was REALLY hard to make horses look like they were flying in 1981, so you know this thing had magical powers. It's flashy, it's fancy, and behaves like a modern-day KITT without the annoying talking. Not that I've ever seen this show, but I'm under the impression that it's Hasselhoff's finest work, and that he had quite a friend in that car. I, too, found the CTS V to be a friend. Fun, but reliable. Plenty of room (so, helpful [we were able to fit the cuteheads inventory for our launch party in the trunk easily]), and made me feel good about myself. I can't tell you how many strangers stopped to tell me how nice it was and ask me if I liked it. There's this group of people I wasn't acquainted with who love Cadillacs, they're called "Americans." Maybe you've met a few. I'm now a card-carrying member of this group.

All in all, it was a fantastic week driving this sweet, two-door coupe. I chose the coupe because the chances are strong to quite strong that I will never in my life own a two door car. My car options from this point on will most likely range from small boat to large boat, so I relished the chance to borrow this baby for a joy ride. And a joy it was. Thanks, Cadillac.

For more info, you can follow hashtags #CadillacExperience and #CadillacVIP. If the coupe's not your thing, plenty of other fine folks are driving around different models & tweeting about it. And follow cuteheads on Twitter too, for more fun & cuteness.

 Couldn't get Winnie to sit still for a self portrait. How does anyone take one of these without looking completely ridiculous?

Sasspants McSeriousface.


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