cutehead of the week: tova August 31 2012, 1 Comment


all smiles in the forget me not dress - aqua & fuchsia


giving her kitty caswell some attention, whether he likes it or not


this little one loves to draw and color!

This week's cutehead of the week is the adorable, precocious Tova, who's as girly as they come with boatloads of personality. Hang out with her for 2 seconds and you'll get the sense that she's a little girl who knows what she wants and has tons of friends! She's the best big sis to little brother Jack and plays with him every chance she gets. Meet this week's little beauty.

- Name: Tova

- Age: 3 1/2

- Favorite cutehead: Barkley

- A few words to describe your child’s personality: Silly. Opinionated. ALL GIRL.

- Likes: kitties, princesses, daddy, dresses (collective "aww" for the "daddy" part!)

- Dislikes: Sunglasses, numbers, shoes.

- Favorite food: Quesadillas

- Little known fact: "I like turtles and kitties and doggies," said in a whisper voice. That's why this is a little-known fact... not everyone's lucky enough to hear it.

little brother jack watches his big sis intently as she colors on a Barkley cookie at the cuteheads launch party