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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 ⭐ Use code FREESHIP22

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tiny trend alert: stripes


{ fuchsia and coral, two colors you wouldn't expect to be paired together }

{ navy & lavender, topped off with a cute, white poof }

{ fuchsia, aqua AND purple? yes, please. }

Stripes never really go out of style, do they? They're classic and kicky and nautical, which is why everyone from the top couture designers to cuteheads is spotlighting them this season. We've paired stripes with solids in unexpected colors; this gives our dresses a bit of an edge from the same old pink and purple. Try pairing aqua with lime or navy with lavender, and your little one is sure to stand out on the playground. 

Will you pick up a few striped pieces for yourself or your kids this year?

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