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cutehead of the week: brynn & cayla

August 23, 2012



This week our cutehead of the week isn't one, but TWO cuteheads! They're adorable twins Cayla and Brynn, who have infectious smiles and boundless energy. We had a chance to hang with these precious little ones at the cuteheads launch party, and can we tell you, they are tons of fun! They surely keep mama busy. We'd be crazy not to mention that both wore super cute cuteheads ensembles on their first days of school this year (see below) and looked absolutely picture perfect. Meet Cayla and Brynn.

- Name: Brynn

- Age: 3

- Favorite cutehead: The Dog. Because dogs say “woof”

- A few words to describe your child’s personality: Bubbly. Funny. Silly.

- Likes: Ipad. Music (Beatles and Beastie Boys). Shopping at Costco

- Dislikes: to be woken up. Bugs of any kind.

- Favorite food: Anything sweet. Ice Cream. Doughnuts. oh and Clementine Tangerines.

- Little known fact: i am four minutes older than my sister and I know the words to Yellow Submarine.


- Name: Cayla

- Age: 3

- Favorite cutehead: The Dog. Because we have a dog. Her name is Winnie.

- A few words to describe your child’s personality: Witty. Theatrical. Hilarious. Artsy.

- Likes: Puzzles. Her Baby “Elephant” Polished toes. Shopping at Costco.

- Dislikes: Dirt. Being dirty.

- Favorite food: Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Pancakes. Strawberry Yogurt.

- Little known fact: I have a great memory and like to ask a lot of questions. A lot.

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