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sweet treat: frozen kefir


Browsing the frozen section at Whole Foods, we stumbled upon this cute little carton of frozen kefir, a product we were unfamiliar with. Being lactose intolerant, as so many people are, we don't get to enjoy frozen treats as often as others. It's still about a billion degrees outside, so we were in the mood to plonk down $5 for a tiny carton of "fro yo" in the name of experimentation. Lo and behold, Lifeway Tart and Tangy Strawberry Frozen Kefir is delicious! It's super creamy, unlike many other ice cream substitutes, has a delicious, authentic strawberry flavor, and is only 90 calories a serving. You can feel good about feeding it to your kiddo, or even stealing a spoonful for yourself. 

To read more about what kefir is, go here:

Pick up a carton and let us know what you think.

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