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cutehead of the week: alyse


Alyse couldn't be cuter. She's sweet and shy, and obviously loves candy (who doesn't?), so it's no surprise she loves Lou the Lamb. She's got a megawatt smile that's always beaming, and shows her adorable personality. She's a true girl's girl; she loves to dress up & wear pretty clothes. Today, meet Alyse, our cutehead of the week.

Child’s name: Alyse
Age: almost 3
Favorite cutehead: Lou the Sheep
Likes: swimming, dancing, jumping, climbing, her lovie blanket “Shelby.” Alyse likes to play dress up with mommy’s clothes, playing with dolls.
Dislikes: vegetables, nap time, stormy weather, the dark
Favorite food: spaghetti and meatballs & any kind of fruit
Little known fact: At almost 3, Alyse already likes everything very organized, neat and tidy.

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  • she is the cutest!!!


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