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3 Fun and Fast Rodeo Recipes

houston rodeo food

Down here in Texas, we have a thing for rodeo. If you're from basically anywhere else, it might be hard for you to understand the sheer size and impact that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has here in town, so here are a few facts:

1. Number of volunteers: 28,000 (yes, THOUSAND)
2. Number of livestock and horse entries: more than 27,000
3. 2014 education and scholarship commitment: $23 million
4. 100,000 funnel cakes and 33,000 ears of corn are consumed each year (an important and relevant fact)

Not only is it an incredible sight to see all of those animals, but there's a great carnival and fair, tons of live music from big name performers that stretch weeks (this year: John Legend, Pitbull, and Miranda Lambert, to name a few).

Of course, the cutest event of them all is the Friday before rodeo officially begins: Go Texan Day. The entire city dresses up to welcome the trail riders into town. This is the day on which, if you were from out of state and only here for the day/weekend, your stereotypes about "everyone in Texas riding horses" would be confirmed, because grown adults are literally riding horses through the main streets of town.

In honor of this annual event, we've lassoed up (see what I did there?) a couple of recipes that are quick and easy to make at home to help your family get into the spirit.

1. Coconut Oil Cowboy Cookies

2. Cowboy Caviar

3. Chili Lime Grilled Corn on the Cob

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  • Yumm! We’re so excited for the rodeo to finally be here, and those look like great snacks!

    Liz @ Green Revival Blog

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