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Parenting hack: how to protect your kid's clothes from drool

bandana bib
I was lucky. I thought I had avoided the dreaded constant drooling that everyone told me about before my daughter came along. She cut an entire mouth of teeth early on and barely skipped a beat or drooled at all. Then... molars. MOLARS, YOU GUYS. I've never seen so much drool. It was everywhere: all over her shirt, dripping from her mouth, on the dog. Enter the treasured bandana bib. Although I try not to dip into our inventory, this was an emergency situation. These have completely saved my life, and my daughter's wardrobe. I love that they can be neutral enough to blend into any outfit, or colorful enough to make the outfit. Best of all, they don't even look like bibs, so you won't have to worry about your child walking around looking like he or she just ate.
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