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002 Summer Market: a recap


Image via Luxewithkids. The lovely Candace of Luxewithkids' little artists at the cuteheads coloring station.

Silver Street Studio

The day before... getting ready.

Esther Freedman


Pictured with me: Carla Valencia of 002 Magazine and Misti Pace-Krahl of The Mommie Series

What a day! On July 26th, we, along with 002 Magazine and The Mommie Series, welcomed thousands to Silver Street Studios in Houston, Texas for a one-day-only local shopping event. It was an incredible day, filled with great food from local trucks, free walk-around beers (who wouldn't love that?) and over 50 vendors. We got to meet so many tiny customers and so many wonderful vendors, it made us fall in love with our city that much more. We're so excited for Fall/Winter, where we'll be setting up shop in lots of local markets. See you there, cuteheads.

Until then, shop cuteheads for Back to School. Your kids will thank you. xo

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