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{ a few cute things } Sparkle!

glitter inspiration board

Whether we mean it or not, somehow our weekly Monday inspiration boards always seem to take on a theme. Today we subconsciously gravitated towards glitter & sparkle, though that happens pretty much every day.

Loving these hand-printed animal leggings. (Thief and Bandit)

Try saying this fast: caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookie cups. (Averie Cooks)

An indoor tent for hiding out for your stylish little. (Cool Mom Picks)

Words of wisdom... Something to think about every time you're stressed. (Flickr)

I dream in turquoise. This entire house... must. have. it. (House of Turquoise)

Adorable (and affordable!) bangles. (Jewelry Party Chick)

A twinkly first birthday party you'll go crazy for. (6th Street Design School)

These DIY glitter pumpkins are easy to make & easy on the eyes. (Yesterday's Sweetheart)

How perfect is this Elven Princess costume? And guess what.. you can make it at home! (Doodlecraft)

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  • thanks for linking my caramel-stuffed chocolate chip cookie cups!

    Averie Cooks

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