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{ a few cute things } candy corn & cuteness galore

Lots of great candy corn-inspired recipes, including this cake! (Clean and Scentisble)

You've probably seen other posts like this, but we particularly love these 50 things one blogger wants her daughters to know. (Living Lobpries)

Mamas Unite: Help those in need during the government shutdown. (WellRoundedNY)

These cow decals... can't stand the cuteness. (Bumblebean)

One couple that's reigniting their passion through photography. (Shop Sweet Things)

How to raise an outdoorsy girl. (Working Mom's Lifestyle)

10 easy food photography tips. You know you do it, you might as well learn to do it right. (Better In Bulk)

A lovely before-and-after of a bright & airy office. Love that desk... (I Heart Organizing)

How to FINALLY organize that junk drawer. (Organizing Homelife)


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