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Recap: Summer Pop-Up Shop Soiree

Doing anything for the first time and on top of that, having no idea whether it's going to work can be scary. Much like starting a business, it's a little daunting. That's what seven local, female entrepreneurs and I faced when we decided to come together for a pop-up shop in Houston, TX yesterday, in an empty retail space in Bellaire, TX.

These seven women brought their beautiful jewelry, stationery, baked goods, photography, event planning services, children's clothing, cuteheads, and even more baked goods into this little space and made it home for three hours on a Thursday afternoon. I'm proud to say that the event exceeded even my wildest expectations, bringing in so many people from the local community, people driving by, people who read about it in the newspaper, and of course, our amazing families and friends.

I'd be crazy not to thank my husband, a broker and developer with United Equities, as well as his colleague Anthony, who got the space ready in under a week. What started as an empty space full of dirt and grime, was a usable, clean, carpeted space because of their hard work.

It was an incredible experience, and it was so much fun to work with other successful, driven female business owners! We can't wait to do it again. See you at the next one!

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