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6 Fun Ways to Eat Food with a Face

food ideas for kids

Sometimes getting a picky eater to try new things can be a challenge, so why not try to make her food a little cuter and more fun? If your kiddo isn't crazy about a food you'd like him or her to try, considering making the meal fun and interactive! Your picky eater may forget all about how much she doesn't like tomatoes.

Here are six animal-themed foods with a face that will have your kids excited for lunchtime, snacktime... anytime!

1. Ladybugs for Lunch (Parentmap)

2. Teddy Bear Toast (FoodBeast)

3. Smiley Fruit, Yogurt and Granola Parfait (Canadian Family Magazine)

4. Cinnamon Roll Snails (Cute Food for Kids)

5. Bug Juice and Critter Snacks (My Own Ideas)

6. Bear Bagel (Taste of Japan)

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