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Three New Thursday: New Favorite Sites

Every Thursday, we'll be bringing you three new something's. Three new recipes, three new books, three new toys that you need to know about. Today, we're starting with three new blogs and websites (though, in all fairness, they're not new, just new to us!) that we've fallen in love with. We know you will too.


We immediately fell in love withSimple Momafter reading the post "The Lessons I've Learned from Being Dependent on Others." After that, we dug a little further to find many more sweet, poignant and relevant writing that will get you thinking.



The Wise Babyhas it all: registry guides, real moms favorite product reviews, gorgeous nursery decor, and so much more. If you're an expecting mom, a new mom, or a seasoned pro, The Wise Baby has something for everyone.


The A-List Momis a free website and newsletter that delivers the coolest and most useful new products for moms and kids straight to your inbox. If you're one of those moms who likes to be on top of the hottest gear, you won't have to look far. A-List Mom brings it right to you.

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