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{ a few cute things }

Like so many of you, we're obsessed with The Animal Print Shoppe by Sharon Montrose. They're even hanging in our office (see above). Check out this great interview with her, you'll fall even more in love. (via LilSugar)

If you're in a romantic slump with your significant other, here are 12 great ideas for a year of great dates. (via Parent Map)

A guide to snapping great photos of your kiddos doing everyday things. Lose the over-posed photos now! (via Little Style File)

After being included in a not-so-flattering piece alongside moms who tan their babies (yikes!), the writer of Babystylista (one of our faves, BTW) speaks out & clears up a few things. (via Babystylista)

You will never guess what secret & HEALTHY ingredient is in these ice cream sandwiches! (via Cooking Quinoa)

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  • Thank you for including us among your {A few cute things} :) It’s so important that we aren’t judged and miscategorized – and if we are, to speak our minds. I truly appreciate your support in this, and I know you would do the same (though I don’t know how anyone could get your awesomeness confused for something else). Thanks so much, and love your site :) xx

    DeBalino of Babystylista

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