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{ a few cute things }


Send them out the door with a healthy, homemade peanut butter chocolate granola bar for breakfast. via Cooking and Beer

Sick of Spiderman? Here's how to create the perfect school bus-themed birthday party. via Spearmint Baby

10 DIY Valentine's for your cutehead to make this year. via Kenzipoo for Babble (originally from Martha Stewart)

Agree or disagree? Ikat is the new tie dye! via House of She

This incredible Santa Barbara hillside home comes complete with the most insane chalkboard wall... via OneKindDesign

DIY: Glitter cap toed shoes. This might be the cutest DIY ever! via loveMaegan

Are you sick of social media? Popular blogger Jessica Gottlieb is officially on hiatus from Twitter, Facebook & G+. Could you handle it? via Jessica Gottlieb

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