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PVC-Free, Phthalates-Free, Lead-Free and Fire Retardant-Free Toy Manufacturers


The results are in... cuteheads lovie blankets are lead-free,formaldehyde-free, and are fire-retardant, so you know your cutehead will be safe when playing with (or chewing on!) them. Last week, we submitted these lil blankets for testing to meet American Toy Safety & US Consumer Products Safety Council standards, even though they'd already been through testing once before. Why did we do this? To ensure that the product you are giving your child is 100% safe for him or her to use at this sensitive time in their development. Not 50%, not 90%... 100%. As the US imports more goods from foreign countries, we lose more control over the quality of these items as well as the safety. If you knew the product you were giving your little one wasn't safe, would you give it to him? Unfortunately, it's hard to tell sometimes, so we have to use our best judgement by making informed decisions. That's why parents have to be the ultimate barrier between children and products made from harmful materials.

We at cuteheads care deeply for your little one, so we've compiled a list of manufacturers that make lead, phthalates, formaldehyde-free (yes, some companies use this!) toys and accessories, so you can shop smart and safe for the holidays.

Edushape - meet & exceed all ASTM requirements.

Chicco - meets all ASTM requirements

Lego - products tested for safety in over 130 countries. Any items that do contain PVC where there is no other alternative (electrical wiring, for instance) have been tested and cleared for safety. 

Stump Pond Woodworks - Beautiful, hand-crafted toys made completely from wood.

Bruder Toys - meet all ASTM requirements

Sophie the Giraffe - "the world's most famous teething toy" is safe for kids to chew on (thank goodness!) and meets all ASTM standards.

Rosie Hippo - child safe, and a company that supports many non-profits

Little Tikes - meet & exceed all ASTM requirements

Bella Luna Toys - even the packaging is made from organic materials!

Magic Cabin - sells a collection of eco-friendly toys. double check to make sure what you are buying is safe


*Disclaimer - this is a complilation based on information provided by the manufacturers and has not been independently verified.

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