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{ a few cute things }


Today's collection of { a few cute things } gets into some serious topics. Of course, the people who wrote said blog posts are all as cute as can be, but sometimes you gotta go a little deeper, you know? That's why cuteheads model Mia is looking so pensive this morning. Don't worry, we've tossed a couple of lighthearted items into the mix. You'll love 'em all.

1. FlashBack: Big Giant TV on Wheels - um, YES we remember this. This was the best! Giant tv = giant nap. This tv always showed something like Bill Nye, or Rick Steves, or some sort of second language video, featuring two people talking about what countries they come from or how to get to the library. via Little Duck Organics blog


2. Fall Trend (for Mamas): Leather - Leather is back in a big, big way. Get the skinny on how to make leather work for you. via Ain't No Mom Jeans

3. Why I Almost Gave Up Blogging - We love She Breathes Deeply's honesty. Maybe her piece will inspire you to START blogging. via She Breathes Deeply

image from 2Wired2Tired 

4. Easy Pancake Muffins - Can't get your kids to eat breakfast in the morning? Pancake muffins is the answer. Plus, how cute? TRUST us. via 2Wired2Tired

5. How to Help Children Say Goodbye to a Loved one - Leah's got some wonderful tips on how to talk to your little ones about death. She's been there before. via Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

And one last note. All week, we're giving away a Fall wardrobe for your tiny fashionista! All you have to do is follow @shopcuteheads and our fave online pub for Houston happenings, @HoustonTidbits on Twitter, then retweet the contest tweet, and you're entered!

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