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{ a few cute things }

October, you guys. It's October! The month during which people dress their dachshunds in hot dog costumes and just laugh and laugh while said pups plot their owners' demise. Around here, it's known as the month during which we stock up on enough pumpkin shaped-candy corn to last the year. And yes, we really do that. The leaves are threatening to change, the air is a bit more crisp, and we're getting into the most wonderful time of the year, as they say: holiday shopping season! Add cuteheads to your list; our adorable outfits make great gifts under the tree or... near a menorah? Wherever you put Chanukah gifts :) And now, a few cute things.


1. Study: Cute animal pictures increase productivity - Look. We have no clue who commissioned this study, and quite frankly, we don't care. We agree 100%. via PR Daily

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2. 90 Tips and Tricks for Every Stage of Fatherhood - Is there anything more precious than a dad hanging out, having fun with his kids? Other than that dog in the rocking chair, obviously. via Huffington Post Parents 


3. "I Can't Get 'The Little Engine That Could' Out of My Head" - Parents, can you relate to Gretchen Rubin? via NYT Motherlode


4. The Halloween Costume Hall of Fame - Not sure, but this may be the best slideshow on the internet. via

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