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spotlight: the city of houston & david peck


 I saw the sign.


Into the fitting room we go.


How does one decide when everything is so beautiful?

All of Houston's residents have long known that it is the best place to live, that it's the best kept secret in the US. We've got food, fun, nice people, no snow, and industry to boot. Industry is what brings us to THE CUTENESS today, because since starting this little clothing line not too long ago, we've met some incredible people who are trying to expand the fashion industry here and help Houston become a fashion hub. Not too many designers call Houston home, but expect to see that change. Alongside the Greater Houston Partnership, we're working to expand Houston's capabilities and make it a place where designers want to see and show their collections.

One such designer at the forefront of this charge is captain of industry David Peck. Not only is he a true talent and incredibly creative, he produces his line right here in Houston, in-house, which our economy no doubt appreciates. We recently took a tour of David Peck Collection facilities, which has since moved, but no matter. The heart of the business is in the people, and trust us, they've got some good ones.

Be on the lookout for this up-and-comer, who's opening lots of doors for our city.

Wearing David Peck at the cuteheads launch party



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