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cuteheads test kitchen: blueberry cheesecake tart

Cheesecake doesn't appeal to many kids; the creamy, cheesy consistency didn't make sense to a child’s simple palate. I was one of those children. As I’ve gotten older, treats like cheesecake, key lime pie, and lemon meringue have made their way to the top my list – and the list is long – of favorite desserts, as chocolate has moved to the bottom. This dessert may not be for your kiddo, but for parents, it's a must-try.

Living in Texas provides us a huge variety of fresh produce, very notably the best blueberries in the world in Summer. We’d been looking for an excuse to use a tart pan in the Cuteheads Test Kitchen, and had an abundance of fresh blueberries. A blueberry cheesecake tart was the obvious use for both.


We tackled cate’s world kitchen’s blueberry cheesecake tart, and were not disappointed. Those who tried it enjoyed it, and it certainly presented well.

Do your kids like cheesecake, or do you save that for adult dinners?

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  • So glad you liked it!


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