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welcome, the cuteness revolution.

Last year, when cuteheads was just a speck of glitter that refused to wash off, we had no idea how much hard work and patience it would take. On some level, I guess we knew, but we didn't really, really know. Then I quit my job and went to work launching this little company. 

Thousands of emails, two trips to LA, many gallons of coffee, and oodles of support from family, friends, and creative co-conspirators have made this business possible. There are many challenges behind us, and many to come, but we're ready for the cuteness revolution, and we hope you are too. Ready the cutest army in all the land, and make haste!

We can't wait to show you what we've got in store, and to grow the collection to offer you whatever your heart - and the heart of your precious little one - desires. It's not always easy to get your kids dressed, and we hope to make clothes that you won't mind your child wearing every day.

cuteheads is made of cute characters. Kingston the Lion, Lou the Lamb, and our unnamed friend the Dog each have unique personalities. It is my hope that your child will find a connection to one of these tiny creatures and become friends with it, bond with it, relate to it. I hope they inspire your child to be creative and to daydream about worlds in which lambs like to do arts & crafts, too. 

We're starting small, but we have big dreams. And as we prepare to launch, we have to thank our family & friends for being pretty crazy awesome. You answered the phone or responded to an email when we needed something, you can't stop asking us if we need help. You loaned us your children for photoshoots.

mia in the forget me not dress

This is the first blog post of many. Here, you'll find new products, products we love from other brands, cuteheads of the week (profiles of cute lil' kiddos like yours), recipes from the cuteheads test kitchen, and much, much more. 

We look forward to building this brand, creating jobs, and making mistakes, but most importantly, we look forward to creating a company that both you and your child can love. Should you have any ideas or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Official product launch is AUGUST 1, 2012. Check back. 

x, Esther

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